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About Vegetalis

Vegetalis was founded in 2009 as a separate corporate entity of the Floranova group.  Vegetalis specialises in the breeding and production of vegetable seed for the ornamental sector available through a worldwide network of wholesale and retail distributors. 

In 2009 Vegetalis took over the Floranova range of Patio Vegetables and combined with a vast array of new varieties created the Patio Edibles brand that offers professional growers and consumers high quality ornamental edibles.

Using traditional breeding techniques, Vegetalis is committed to bringing new, novel, high quality and beautiful products to the global marketplace: products that excel for horticultural professionals and gardeners alike.

Home gardeners have a real appetite for growing vegetables and herbs.  The Patio Edible varieties are the ultimate in versatile plants: selected for their ornamental appeal, the Patio Edibles are as productive as they are good looking.  Grow them in containers combined with flowers – or let them make a statement on their own!

  • Hot Pepper Basket of Fire

    Hot Pepper Basket of Fire

  • Hot Pepper Loco

    Hot Pepper Loco

  • Eggplant Emerald Isle

    Eggplant Emerald Isle

  • Hot Pepper Chenzo

    Hot Pepper Chenzo

  • Eggplant Pot Black

    Eggplant Pot Black

  • Tomato Cherry Fountain (Cherry Falls)

    Tomato Cherry Fountain (Cherry Falls)