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CAST 2015

22 Apr 2015

Another successful trial this year at Vegetalis Floranova! Here are some of the exciting highlights of this year:

Vegetalis focused on the retail level, making it convenient for consumers to buy straight from the store and simply place it onto their patio. We showed various formats which are perfect for the entire range:
• Combinations in various sizes such as window boxes, rail planters and hanging baskets.
• Carry Packs which allows consumers to put the same combinations together on their own.
• Gallons and 6 inch pots.
• Strong Plant Snap-On Cages that provide continuous support throughout the plant’s growth. The only work the consumer has is figuring out where to place it in their yard.
• Drop-In Programs that takes the guess work out of container gardening, simply drop this combo into your favorite container to create beautiful planter instantly.

• 4 new eye catching colors introduced into the Begonia boliviensis Bossa Nova Series: Ivory, Pink Glow, Pure White, and Salmon Shades. Launched in 2014, Bossa Nova is a   revolutionary alternative to cutting raised begonia.
• Tetraploid Alyssum North Face White is a new introduction for 2015. It features large, pure white flowers with a cascading habit.
• Another new introduction is Ageratum Cloud Nine Blue, and White. Bred for earliness and uniformity in the pack, Cloud Nine Blue and White are up to 7 days earlier than competing varieties and bloom in unison, making it the ideal pack variety for growers.
• Small but strong, Petunia Espresso and Espresso Grande series are compact in the pot but they have good vigor in the garden. Espresso Grande Red is a new color for the series, and the Espresso series has two new colors, Deep Rose and Red.
• Heat and drought tolerant varieties were featured. Begonia Ikon Series, Hot Pepper Basket of Fire, Begonia Stara Series, and Salvia Mojave, can bloom all summer.

Thank you for joining us this year, and thank you for you continuous support!

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