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F1 Summerlast
Tomato Determinate

F1 Tomato Summerlast is the first in a new line of patio tomatoes bred to last for much longer in the garden. Summerlast is a determinate variety with 1.5oz (45g) fruits that can be grown very easily in a patio container without extensive support. With built in late blight resistance and a new ‘lasting performance’ trait, this variety maintains very dark green and healthy foliage well into late Summer when many other varieties have already died. The ‘lasting performance’ trait also makes the plant much more attractive at point of sale, even when fruits are beginning to ripen.

Cultural Information
Seed Form Natural
Seed Count 9,400/oz - 330/g
Garden Height 14" (35cm)
Garden Spread 18" (45cm)
Days to Maturity 65 days


  • Summerlast VTO502

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