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F1 Mega Bite/Megabyte
Tomato Determinate

A compact Tomato producing unusually large fruit for the size of plant. The bright red fruits are much larger than Totem. Plants have a very strong stem which support the plants well but may require some support to aid the large amount of fruits. The fruits are multi lobed with a high percentage of flesh. Even though the plant has very large fruits for its type the plant has a good resistance to fruits falling off the plant.

USA and rest of World: VTOD059 Mega Bite
UK: VTOU059 Megabyte
Europe: VTOE059 Megabyte

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Cultural Information
Seed Form Natural
Seed Count 9,400/oz - 330/g
Garden Height 16" (40cm)
Garden Spread 12" (30cm)
Days to Maturity 70


  • Mega Bite/Megabyte
  • Megabite/Megabyte for retail - caged

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